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Hi! We are Alternate Routes! We aim to ignite wanderlust and curate empowering wilderness experiences for every day people. We offer guided backpacking trips with a focus on empowering women to embrace the spirit of adventure in the outdoors. We are a community of wilderness enthusiasts sharing our travels over a campfire and s'mores. We are a team in the field and in the office. And, we want to adventure with you! 

Alternate Routes is a company built and run by women. What started out as just a few chicks that love to backpack has now become a full fledged adventure operation, and and we love to share our love of the outdoors with others. 

We are also a 1% company! We believe in giving back to the earth which provides us with beauty, love, and this one wild playground we get to call our home.

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity.
— John Muir

Sarah Peacock is a musician originally from Atlanta, GA. Sarah is a true ambassador of wanderlust. She started backpacking at age 15 at summer camp, and her thirst for adventure has been unslakable ever since. Sarah has traveled for 12 years as a professional musician, making time in between shows to backpack, hike, and camp along the way. She has hiked and camped in nearly every National Park in the U.S. and Canada more times than one. She's backpacked trailless in the Alaskan Denali wilderness, basked in the most remote hot springs in North America, and has section hiked infamous trails such as the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Sarah has also traveled abroad in search of adventure, her most recent trip being Iceland in January, 2017. Sarah feels her deep connection to the wilderness has brought her closer to the divine. Living unbound in the outbound is a spiritual practice for Sarah, and she is passionate about sharing the power of that wilderness connection with others. 

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Ryan Rolston is an attorney from Houston, TX. In 2016, Ryan took off on an adventure that would alter the course of her life's path. Ryan joined Sarah on the road trip of a lifetime in May that took them up the west coast and through Canada up the Alcan highway to Alaska. The trip was filled with nonstop adventure. From their bus burning down leaving them stranded to grizzly bear encounters, salmon fishing on the Kenai River, discovering ice caves, Canadian hot springs, and exploring the remote Alaskan bush, Ryan's first encounter to true wilderness living changed her life. She got the bug, and she hasn't been able to get rid of it. Since returning from Alaska and making her home in Nashville, TN, Ryan has section hiked the Appalachian Trail, adventured in Iceland, and backpacked all around the southeast. Ryan currently works as an attorney at a Nashville law firm and is excited to be the legal brain behind the business side of Alternate Routes. Any chance she gets to hang up her suit and step out of the court room, Ryan accompanies our tours as a wilderness guide. 


Kimberly Novosel is a branding specialist, creative soul, amazing writer, and passionate entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. With a lifelong passion for helping others to uncover and reach for their best selves, it's no surprise that Kimberly Novosel has come to work in developing people and their businesses. An image creator, writer, and event planner, Kimberly works with personal, entertainment, fitness and lifestyle brands to define their persona and communicate clearly to their audience. Kimberly loves the outdoors and has backpacked on trails such as the PCT and Appalachian Trail. She is on board the Alternate Routes team as a business manager and marketing genius! 

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