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Backpacker's Bistro (Portland, OR)

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After a long day on the trail, there is nothing better than a good meal. Unfortunately, traditional backpacking food options can be high in sodium and low on taste. After years of lowering our food expectations while on the trail, we began making our own meals that provide better nutritional value for the physical toll our bodies take on the trail as well as a satisfying end to a long day. Just because we are in the backwoods doesn’t mean we need to compromise on taste! Backpacker’s Bistro provides a gourmet, nutritious alternative. Our ingredients are healthy and fresh. All of our pastas and stocks are homemade. 2008 winner of the French Culinary Institute's Top Chef award, Melissa Lynn Lieser combined her passions for backpacking and food when she founded Backpacker's Bistro in 2016 with a simple philosophy: we believe that the most satisfying and healthy meals begin with whole, real foods. We believe in finding quality products from sustainable sources, locally if possible.